TROAS, Hamaxitos

AE11. 1.39g, 11mm
MINTED: TROAS, Hamaxitos, circa 350-310 BC
REF: SNG Cop 344
OBVERSE: Laureate head of Apollo left.

REVERSE: ΑΜΑ−ΞΙ on either side of lyre.



Good Fine.  Scarce city.


Historical Notes:

According to Callinus, a 7th century BC poet from Ephesus, Hamaxitos was founded by Teucrian Cretans who were told by an oracle to settle where they were attacked by the 'earth-born'.  When at the area of Hamaxitos, a great horde of field mice ate all their leather equipment, and accordingly, they raised their city there. 

TROAS, Hamaxitos . circa 350-310 BC . AE11 . Apollo / Lyre . Scarce

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