TROAS, Antandros

AE8. 0.93g, 8.5mm
MINTED: TROAS, Antandros, circa 4th-3rd centuries BC
REF: SNG Copenhagen 218 var. (no grape bunch); CNG E-186, lot 32 var. (grape bunch below)
OBVERSE: Laureate head of Apollo right.

REVERSE: Roaring lion’s head right; grape bunch above; ANTAN clockwise to right.



Very Fine.  Very dark green patina with some minor deposits.


Historical Notes:

Strabo located Antandros on the southern flank of Mount Ida, east of Assos, and west of Astyra and Aspaneus.  The first clue which led to its rediscovery in modern times was found by Heinrich Kiepert in 1842.  He found an inscription relating to Antandros in the wall of a mosque at Avilcar.  Returning in 1888, he found a further inscription at Avilcar and, due to the discovery by locals of many Greek, Roman and Byzantine era coins in the vicinity of a nearby hill called Devren, he was also able to locate the acropolis of Antandros at this spot. 

TROAS, Antandros . 4th-3rd centuries BC . AE8 . Roaring lion's head

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