AD 251-253
AE29 (8 Assaria). 16.04g, 29mm
MINTED: SYRIA, Seleucia and Pieria, Antioch, AD 251-253
REF: SNG Cop 292; BMC Galatia p.229, 654
OBVERSE: AΥTOK K Γ OΥIB TΡEB ΓAΛΛOΣ ΣEB, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.

REVERSE: ANTIOXEΩN MHTΡO KOΛΩN, S C in exergue, Tyche of Antioch and the river-god Orontes in tetrastyle temple, Δ E above; above temple, Aries the Ram leaping right.


Fine. Dark black patina with earthen highlights.

Pleasingly large, heavy provincial bronze.


Historical Notes:

Antioch on the Orontes River (modern day Antakya, Turkey) was a great city in the Roman province of Syria. It was built by Seleukos I, one of Alexander the Great's generals, who founded the Seleukid Empire after the Alexander's death and the division of his empire by his successors, the diadochi.  Antioch occupied an enviable position on the ancient Silk Road trading route, and was during Roman times was the third most important city in the Empire, after Alexandria in Egypt and Rome itself. The city also played an important role in early Christian history, and it was at Antioch that the followers of Jesus were first referred to as Christians.

TREBONIANUS GALLUS . SYRIA, Seleucia and Pieria, Antioch . AE29 . Tyche's Temple

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