AD 98-117
AE26. 11.49g, 26.5mm
MINTED: SYRIA, Koinon of, AD 98/99

REF: Butcher 14 (Koinon); McAlee 498/1 (Antioch); Sydenham, Caesarea 91 (Cappadocia)
OBVERSE: AYTO KAIC NEP TPAIANO CEB ΓEPM, laureate head right, draped shoulder.

REVERSE: ΔHMAPX EΞ UΠAT B, legend in two lines within wreath.



Good Fine. Toned brassy surfaces.

ΔHMAPX(IKHC) ЄΞ(OYCIAC) is Greek for tribunitia potestas, and UΠAT B dates this coin to Trajan's second consulship.


Historical Notes:

This has also been attributed to Caesarea in the province of Cappadocia, but more recent scholarship suggests it is an issue of the Koinon (Commonwealth) of Syria.

TRAJAN . SYRIA, Koinon of . AE26 . Wreath

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