THRACE, Maroneia

AE15. 3.84g, 15.4mm

MINTED: THRACE, Maroneia, circa 400-350 BC

REF: SNG Cop 632

OBVERSE: Horse prancing right, monogram below.

REVERSE: MAP-ΩNI-TΩN; Grape vine with four grape clusters, within linear square border.



Fine. Rough green patina.


Historical Notes:

Maroneia was a port city in western Thrace that was known best for its wine production.  Maroneian wine was famous throughout the Mediterranean for its quality, and its residents appropriately worshipped Dionysos, the Greek god of grape harvests and winemaking.  In Homer's Odyssey, Odysseus plundered the city, but spared its king, Maron, who was the son of Dionysos.  In return, Maron gave Odysseus some Maroneian wine, which he later used when he was captured by the cyclops Polyphemus to get the one-eyed giant drunk, after which he blinded the cyclops and escaped.

THRACE, Maroneia . 400-350 BC . AE15 . Wine grapes of Maroneia

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