THRACE, Lysimachia

AE10. 0.7g, 10.3mm

MINTED: THRACE, Lysimachia, circa 309-220 BC

REF: SNG Cop 922

OBVERSE: Head of Hermes wearing petasus, right.

REVERSE: ΛY-ΣI in an olive-wreath.



Almost Very Fine. Red-green patina. Some surface roughness, fair enough details, especially on the reverse. 


Historical Notes:

Lysimachia was established in 309 BC as a strategic base by Lysimachos in the north-western strip of the Thracian Chersonese, where it commanded passage through the isthmus and the roads into mainland Thrace.  The city flourished when it became the capital of Lysimachos's kingdom, but after his death in 281 BC, it fell under Seleukid control, and and thereafter, it came under Ptolemaic rule for a time.  

THRACE, Lysimachia . Circa 309-220 BC . AE10 . Hermes . Founded by Lysimachos

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