AE Chalkous. 2.11g, 13.5mm
MINTED: SIKYONIA, Sikyon, circa 250-200 BC
REF: BCD Peloponnesos 317.7
OBVERSE: Dove flying right.

REVERSE: ΣI within wreath.



Ex Joseph J. Copeland Collection (Part II, Coin Galleries, 10 February 1993)


Good. Dark green-brown patina.


Historical Notes:

The city-state of Sikyon was a longtime ally of the Kingdom of Sparta, and during the Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC), she joined Corinth and Elis in allying with Sparta against the Delian League of Athens.  This coin was struck during that period, with Sikyon serving as a major mint of the anti-Athenian forces.  The dove was the primary badge of the city.

SIKYONIA, Sikyon . 250-200 BC . AE Chalkous . Dove . Ex Joseph J. Copeland Coll.

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