SICILY, Syracuse

Hiketas II, 287-278 BC
AE23. 9.55g, 22.7mm
MINTED: SICILY, Syracuse, circa 287-278 BC
REF: CNS 154-6; HGC 2, 1448
OBVERSE: [ΔIOΣ EΛΛANIOY], laureate head of Zeus Hellanios left.

REVERSE: [ΣYPAK-OΣIΩN], eagle with spread wings standing left on thunderbolt.



Very Fine. Brown-green patina with some light surface roughness. The fine style youthful head of Zeus is a quintessential example of the artistry often seen on Syracusan bronzes.


Historical Notes:

Syracuse was the wealthiest and most important city on the island of Sicily, and, for a time, one of the most influential of Greek cities in the entire Mediterranean region.
After the period of disorder that followed the murder of Agathokles (317-289 BC) ended with the rise of Hiketas, who made himself tyrant in 287 BC. He waged a victorious war against Phintias of the city of Agrigentum, but campaigned less successfully against the Carthaginians forces in Sicily. He ruled for 9 years, before being overthrown in a rebellion.

SICILY, Syracuse . Hiketas II, 287-278 BC . AE23 . Zeus Hellanios / Eagle

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