SICILY, Abakainon

AR Litra. 0.7g, 11mm
MINTED: SICILY, Abakainon, circa 420-390 BC
REF: cf. HGC 2, 21 (for rev type); cf. SNG ANS 1293 (same)
OBVERSE: Laureate, bearded head right.

REVERSE: ABA, Sow and piglet standing left.



Ex Lewis Egnew Collection (Superior Stamps & Coins, 30 May 1995, lot 7115)


Fine. Toned. Slightly chipped edge.

Extremely rare and unpublished variety.  This reverse commonly encountered with the 3/4 facing female head rather than this bearded male head.


Historical Notes:

Abakainon was a town of the Sicels, the Italic tribe who dwelt in the eastern regions of Sicily.  The town was about 4 miles inland from the northeastern coast of Sicily, where the expansive oak forests of the Nebrodi Mountains provided food for large roaming herds of swine that lived there.

SICILY, Abakainon . Circa 420-390 BC . AR Litra . Extremely Rare and Unpublished

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