Seleukos II Kallinikos, 246-225 BC 

AE11. 1.16g, 11.2mm
MINTED: Nisibis mint, circa 246-225 BC
REF: HGC 9, 392 (R2); SC 755
OBVERSE: Jugate busts of the Diosouroi, one left, the other three-quarters facing left.

REVERSE: BAΣIΛ / ΣΕΛΕY, elephant head right; monogram to right.



A very rare type, especially in this denomination.  No examples illustrated in  Seleucid Coins Online database.  


Historical Notes:

Seleukos II ruled over the expansive Seleukid Empire during a fraught period.  At the very outset of his reign in 246 BC, the Empire was immediately embroiled in a war against Ptolemaic Egypt, which it ultimately lost.  Following the conclusion of the war, Seleukos had to deal with the rebellion of his brother, Antiochos Hierax.  In the midst of these troubles, the Seleukids lost control of Baktria, and the Kingdom of Pergamon occupied their territories in Asia Minor.  As he was planning to move against the Pergamese, Seleukos fell off his horse and died from his injuries.  

SELEUKID KINGDOM . Seleukos II, 246-225 BC . AE11 . Jugate Dioscuri *Very Rare*

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