L. & C. Memies L. F. Galeria, moneyers

AR Denarius. 3.81g, 17.5mm

MINTED: Rome mint, 87 BC
REF: Crawford 349/1
OBVERSE: Laureate head of Saturn left; before, control-mark and behind, harpa; EX S C below.

REVERSE: Venus in biga right; Cupid holding wreath above, L C MEMIES L F / GAL in exergue.

Good Fine/Fine. Toned. Some old, light surface scratches.

In Roman mythology, Saturn was the father of Jupiter, Juno and other great gods of the Roman pantheon, who ruled over a Golden Age of peace and bounty.  He was a god of agriculture and wealth, and was celebrated with raucous revelries during the festival of Saturnalia, which was held each December.  


Historical Notes: 

L. and C. Memies L.f. Galeria were, according to Michael Crawford, the sons of Lucius Memmius Galerius, moneyer in 106 BC, who minted an issue using the same types about 20 years earlier (Crawford 313).

ROMAN REPUBLIC . L. & C. Memies L. F. Galeria, 87 BC . AR Denarius . Saturn

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