AD 202-205
Silver Denarius. 3.15g, 19.5mm
MINTED: Rome mint, AD 202-203
REF: RIC 369; Cohen 25
OBVERSE: PLAVTILLA AVGVSTA, draped bust right, hair in horizontal waves and tied up at the back.
REVERSE: VENVS VICTRIX, Venus, bare to her waist, standing left, holding apple in right hand and palm branch left, resting left elbow on shield; at her feet to left, Cupid.


Very Fine. Toned.


Historical Notes:

Plautilla was the daughter of Fulvius Plautianus, the influential Commander of the Praetorian Guard under Emperor Septimius Severus.  She was betrothed to Septimius's son, Caracalla, and the two were married in 202.  Caracalla hated both father and daughter, and in 205, he instigated the execution of Plautianus for treason and had Plautilla exiled.  Shortly after Septimius Severus died in 211, Caracalla sent his agents to the island of Lipari where Plautilla and her daughter were living and had them both strangled to death. 

PLAUTILLA . AD 202-205 . Denarius . "VENVS VICTRIX"

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