PISIDIA, Termessos Major

AE18. 4.11g, 18.3mm
MINTED: PISIDIA, Termessos Major, circa 1st century BC
REF: SNG Cop 291ff var. (date)
OBVERSE: Laureate head of Zeus right.

REVERSE: Horse galloping left; KΔ (date) above, TEP below.


Good Very Fine. Green patina with lighter olive highlights. Strong details. Cut with slight resultant bend in flan.


Historical Notes:

According to legend, the city of Termessos was founded by the hero Bellerophon, slayer of the Chimaera.  Situated high in the Taurus Mountains, the city guarded a strategic pass between the lands of Phrygia and Pamphylia.  It was blessed with natural defenses that made it almost impregnable to assault, and was one of the few cities which Alexander the Great failed to beseige successfully when he sought to conquer the region in 333 BC.  During the Roman era, Termessos was granted the status of an autonomous city, remaining so until its abandonment after an earthquake critically disrupted the supply of water to the city.

PISIDIA, Termessos Major . 1st Century BC . AE18 . Zeus / Galloping Horse

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