AE12. 2.44g, 12.4mm
MINTED: PISIDIA, Selge, circa 2nd - 1st centuries BC
REF: SNG Cop 257
OBVERSE: Three-quarter facing head of Herakles wreathed with styrax, head turned slightly right, lion-skin around neck, club over shoulder.

REVERSE: ΣΕ-Λ, stag kneeling right, head left, K below.


Almost Fine.  Cute little bronze with distinctive crude facing head of Herakles.


Historical Notes:

According to Strabo, the city of Selge was founded by colonists from Sparta.  Located on the slopes of the Taurus Mountains, it grew to become the largest city in the region.  Often at odds with the neighbouring city of Termessos, Selge curried favour with Alexander the Great when he marched through Asia Minor, but even the great conquerer was unable to overcome the defenses of the mountain city.  During the time of Hadrian in the 2nd century AD, Selge was still a thriving city, but by the 5th century was much reduced in significance and size.

PISIDIA, Selge . 2nd-1st Centuries BC . AE12 . Head of Herakles / Stag

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