AD 96-98

AE Quadrans. 1.88g, 15.3mm
MINTED: Rome mint, AD 98
REF: RIC 110
OBVERSE: IMP NERVA CAES AVG, modius containing two corn-ears and one poppy stalk.
REVERSE: S-C, winged caduceus upright.



Good. Rough brown surfaces but recognisable types.

The quadrans was the smallest denomination issued by the Imperial mint of Rome and was worth 1/4 of an as.  It would have been used for small purchases, or to provide change.


Historical Notes:
A confidant and advisor to emperor Nero and the rulers of the Flavian dynasty, Nerva was already an elderly man of sixty-five when he was elected to the throne by the Roman Senate. He was liberal with donatives to the people and soldiery, and granted amnesty to senators and officials who had been persecuted under Domitian's tyranny. As he was childless and viewed with some suspicion by the army, Nerva was forced to adopt the popular general Trajan as his heir. This act proved to be his most significant act, as when he died after just fifteen months on the throne, he ensured the transition of power to one of Rome's strongest and most capable rulers.

NERVA . AD 96-98 . AE Quadrans . Modius / Winged Caduceus

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