MYSIA, Plakia

AE12. 1.51g, 12.3mm
MINTED: MYSIA, Plakia, circa 4th century BC
REF: SNG Cop 545; SNG von Aulock 1432
OBVERSE: Turreted head of Kybele right.

REVERSE: Lion chomping on prey right; below, grain-ear; above, ΠΛAKIA



Good Fine. Dark green patina. 


Historical Notes:

Plakia was a town on the coast of the Propontis (Sea of Marmara, in present day Turkey), said by Herodotus to have been settled by Pelasgians, the ancient predecessors of the Greeks.  According to Pliny the Elder, Plakia, along with nearby Skylake, sat at the foot of the Mysian Mount Olympus. 

MYSIA, Plakia . 4th century BC . AE12 . Kybele / Lion

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