Philip V, 221-179 BC

AE Double Unit. 13.31g, 24.3mm
MINTED: Uncertain Macedonian mint, circa 183-179 BC
REF: SNG Alpha Bank 1110-1; SNG München 1181
OBVERSE: Radiate head of Helios right.

REVERSE: BBAΣIΛEΩS ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ, Winged thunderbolt; DI monogram above; all within wreath.



Good. Dark, blackish-green patina. 


Historical Notes:

For a time, Philip V, the young, charismatic ruler of Macedonia, cut a heroic figure as he unified the Hellenic League of Greek city-states and dealt a defeat to Sparta and the Aetolian League in the Social War (220-217 BC).  Though he restored to some extent the influence and glory of the kingdom of Philip II and Alexander the Great, his subsequent entaglements with the Roman Republic proved much less successful.  In particular, the Second Macedonian War (200-197 BC) ended in a crushing defeat, and Philip was made to pay Rome a huge war indemnity, and also forced out of the territories he had occupied in Greece, Thrace, and Asia Minor.  He died heartbroken in 179 BC, after having been persuaded by his son Perseus to execute another one of his sons, Demetrios, who was in fact the only son he had born to a legitimate wife. 

MACEDONIAN KINGDOM . Philip V, 221-179 BC . AE Double Unit . Helios/Thunderbolt

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