LICINIUS II, as Caesar
AD 317-324

AE Follis. 2.01g, 16.8mm
MINTED: Trier mint, AD 319
REF: RIC VII Trier 232 (R5) var. (rev legend and altar type)
OBVERSE: LICINIVS-IVN NOB C, radiate, draped and curiassed bust right.
REVERSE: VICTORIAE LAET PRINC P[P?], two Victories, standing facing each other, holding a shield inscribed VOT/PR above an altar with design with a six-pointed star (type Helv. 5a); PTR in exergue.


Almost Very Fine. Attractive green patina.

An unpublished and apparently unique variant of a already very rare type for Licinius II for this mint. This particular reverse type is hardly ever seen from Trier (only 1 specimen of RIC VII Trier 232 is recorded in the online Nummus Bible database), and was only struck in quantity for Licinius II only at Siscia and Ticinum.   

This coin is illustrated online in the Wildwinds database for Licinius II. 


Historical Notes:
Licinius II, or Licinius Junior, was the son of Licinius I. He was just 20 months old when he was given the title Caesar in 317. In 325, his father was executed by rival co-emperor, Constantine I, and the following year, Constantine had Licinius Junior was killed as well despite the fact that he was the son of Constantine's half-sister, Constantia.

LICINIUS II . AD 317-324 . Follis . Two Victories **Unique and unpublished**

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