Wife of Septimius Severus. AD 193-217

AE24. 6.57g, 23.7mm

MINTED: PHRYGIA, Apameia (Apamea)

REF: SNG von Aulock 3498; BMC Phrygia 166
OBVERSE: [IOYΛIA ΔΟΜΝΑ CEB], draped bust right.
REVERSE: [ЄΠΙ ΑΡΤΕΜΑ Γ ΑΠΑΜЄΩΝ], five grain ears bound together by their stalks.



Worn, with some old scratches. 


Historical Notes:

Apameia was an ancient city in Anatolia situated at the confluence of the rivers Marsyas and Meander.  It was named by the Seleukid king Antiochos I in memory of his mother, Apama.  Due to its location between Greece and Rome and Egypt and the lands of the east, the city became an important trade hub known also by the sobriquet Kibotos, meaning 'the Chest'.  This name was likely a reference to the ubiquitous wooden packing crates that were used by the city's merchants when they re-packaged goods they handled.

JULIA DOMNA . PHRYGIA, Apameia . AE24 . Five ears of grain bundled

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