Wife of Septimius Severus. AD 193-217

AE23. 7.61g, 22.8mm

MINTED: PHOENCIA, Berytus, AD 193–217

REF: BMC Phoencia 136
OBVERSE: IVLI AVG PIA FELIC, draped bust right.
REVERSE: Poseidon standing left, right foot on rock, holding dolphin and trident; COL in left, AN/T/BE/R in right.



Dusky green patina with some earthen deposits. Minor flan flaw on reverse. 


Historical Notes:

Berytus was the ancient Phoenician city that is now the Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.  It prospered as a Roman colony after it was conquered by Pompey the Great in 64 BC, and in particular, during the rule of Emperor Augustus, when it was settled by the veterans of two Roman legions.  It held over 50,000 inhabitants by the time of Trajan, and boasted baths, theatres, a large forum and necropolis. During the Byzantine period, it was renowned for its schools of law.   

JULIA DOMNA . PHOENICIA, Berytus . AE23 . Poseidon

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