AR Tetartemorion. 0.13g, 7.1mm
MINTED: IONIA, Teos, circa 475-450 BC
REF: SNG Kayhan 603
OBVERSE: Head of griffin right.

REVERSE: Quadripartite incuse square.



Almost Very Fine. Typical silver crystallization for the issue. A charming, tiny silver fraction depicting the head of a screaming griffin.  


Historical Notes:

Teos was one of the twelve Greek cities that formed the Ionian League in Asia Minor.  The city was built on an isthmus between Chytrion and Myonnesos by Minyans from Orchomenos.  Because of its location, it became a thriving seaport, but in 544 BC, it was abandoned when the Persians under Cyrus the Great invaded Lydia and Ionia.  Some decades later, however, it was resettled by colonists from Abdera, a city which itself had been founded by inhabitants who had fled from Teos to escape the Persians.  Both Teos and Abdera use the mythical griffin as a city badge.    

IONIA, Teos . 475-450 BC . AR Tetartemorion . Head of Mythical Griffin

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