IONIA, Kolophon

AE19. 4.28g, 19.4mm
MINTED: IONIA, Kolophon, circa 50 BC, Apollas, magistrate
REF: SNG Cop 184; Milne, Colophon 178
OBVERSE: AΠOΛΛAΣ, Homer enthroned, resting chin on right hand, in left hand holding a volume on his knee.

REVERSE: ΚΟΛΟΦΩΝΙΩΝ, Apollo standing right, phiale in right, lyre in left.



Very Fine.  Dark green patina.

Interesting type featuring the legendary Greek poet Homer on the reverse.  Scarcer than the type from Smyrna.


Historical Notes:

Kolophon was one of the oldest Greek cities on the Ionian coast.  It was famed for its wealth and the strength of its cavalry until its conquest by the Lydians in the 7th century BC.  While it subsequently recovered some of its importance, its status was ultimately eclipsed by the neighbouring cities of Ephesos and Miletos.  Kolophon was one of a number of cities that claimed the legendary poet Homer as a native.

IONIA, Kolophon . Circa 50 BC . AE19 . The Legendary Poet Homer

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