AD 250-251

AR Antoninianus. 3.85g, 23.9mm
MINTED: Antioch mint, AD 250-251
REF: RIC (Decius) 158 (rare)
OBVERSE: HEREN TRV MES Q V DECIVS CAESAR, radiate, draped bust right, •• below.
REVERSE: PANONNIAE, Pannonia, veiled, draped, standing front, head right, holding helmet in right hand and standard in left hand.


Very Fine. Toned, with somewhat rough surfaces. Nicer in hand. 

An extremely rare Antioch mint issue, almost never seen available for sale. 


Historical Notes:

Herennius Etruscus was the son of Roman emperor, Trajan Decius, and for a brief period in 251, shared co-rule with his father. He was 24 years old when he and his father led an army against King Cniva of the Goths, who was invading the Danubian provinces.  When their army was near Abrittus in June 251, they were unexpectedly ambushed by Cniva's forces.  Herennius was killed early in the skirmish and Decius soon after, both becoming the first Roman emperors to die in battle against a foreign enemy.

HERENNIUS ETRUSCUS, Caesar . AD 250-251 . Antoninianus . Antioch . **Very Rare**

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