GREEK, Uncertain
AE11. 1.48g, 11.5mm
MINTED: Unknown mint, circa 4th-3rd centuries BC (?)
REF: SNG Cop -; HGC -; Naumann 69 (2 Sep 18), lot 18
OBVERSE: Prow of galley left.

REVERSE: Grain ear within wreath.  



Ex BCD Collection of Incerta
Included in the vast BCD Collection was a group of coins that were either outside his area of specialization, or that he could not definitively attribute despite his expertise and famously comprehensive numismatic library.  This enigmatic little piece falls into the latter category, and as such continues to remain a mystery, as it did when it was owned by BCD.  It is the second example of the type, with the only other known specimen also from the BCD Collection (see Numismatik Naumann 69, 2 Sep 2018, lot 18).


Dark black patina.  


Historical Notes:


GREEK, Uncertain . AE11 . *Ex BCD Coll* . Extremely Rare: 1 of 2 known examples

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