AD 238-244
AE17. 2.33g, 16.7mm
MINTED: BITHYNIA, Juliopolis, circa AD 238-244
REF: SNG Tübingen 2106; SNG Cop 463 var. (rev legend)
OBVERSE: M ANT ΓOPΔIANOC AY, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.

REVERSE: IO-VΛ-IO-ΠI/ΛЄITΩN, Three military standards - Aquila (standard surmounted by eagle) flanked by two surmounted by wreaths.



Very Fine. Attractive deep green patina.

A rare issue, and not often available.


Historical Notes:

Juliopolis was a Galatian town in central Anatolia (in modern day Turkey) that was refounded and given its Roman name by Cleon the Mysian, a native bandit king who was active in the late first century BC.  Cleon was originally in the pay of Mark Antony, and aided the triumvir during his Parthian campaign.  When the civil war between Antony and Octavian erupted, Cleon turned against Antony and allied himself with Octavian, the future emperor Augustus.  Augustus made Cleon the king of Comana in return for his services, and Cleon gave Juliopolis its name in Augustus's honour.

GORDIAN III . BITHYNIA, Juliopolis . AE17 . Three standards . Rare

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