AD 253-268

AE Antoninianus. 2.9g, 19.4mm

MINTED: Rome mint, AD 261-262
REF: RIC V 232; Cohen 593
OBVERSE: GALLIENVS AVG, radiate head right.
REVERSE: LIBERT AVG, Libertas (Liberty) draped standing left, holding cap in right hand and transverse scepter in left hand; S in right field.



Ex Baron Louis Chaurand Collection (Drouot, 10 Apr 2012, lot 234, part of)


Almost Very Fine.


Historical Notes:

Gallienus was co-emperor with his father, Valerian, from 253 until 260, when the latter was defeated and captured by the Persian king, Shapur the Great.  History does not record if Gallienus attempted any recovery of his father, but he did continue his own sole rule of an empire that was rapidly becoming a shadow of its former self.  Much of the Roman East had been ravaged by the Persians, and the provinces of Gaul, Germany, Raetia, Britannia and Hispania broke away to form a Gallic Empire under the usurper Postumus.  After surrendering rule of the eastern provinces to the Palmyrene nobleman, Odenathus, Gallienus controlled only Italy and the Balkans directly.  While many sources paint Gallienus as an irresponsible, indolent and decadent ruler, others record that he successfully repelled a host of barbarian invaders and crushed a number of rebellions.  In fact, it was while besieging the rebel general Aureolus at Mediolanum (Milan) in 268 that Gallienus was assassinated.

GALLIENUS . AD 253-268 . Antoninianus . "LIBERT" . Ex Baron Chaurand Collection

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