AD 305-311

AE Follis. 5.96g, 25.5mm
MINTED: Antioch mint, AD 308
REF: RIC VI Antioch 95
REVERSE: GENIO IMP-ERATORIS, Genius, nude but for chlamys over his left shoulder, standing front, head to left, holding patera from which liquor flows in his right hand and cornucopiae in his left; crescent over gamma, ANT• in exergue.

Very Fine. Light surface roughness and minor porosity but strong portrait and details.



From an old Swiss collection, purchased in the 1960s or 1970s from Numiphil Basel (with collector’s old tag)


Historical Notes:
Galerius became emperor of the Roman Empire in 305 as the designated heir of Diocletian. However, under the system of the Tetrarchy, he had to share power with a co-emperor, Constantius I. He attempted to engineer his primacy by having two of his allies appointed to the positon of Caesar, but in doing so, he instead set the stage of the Tetrarchy's eventual collapse as other would-be successors rebelled against the hierarchy he established. He ruled for 6 years, before contracting a horrible bowel disease in 311 that resulted in him literally rotting to death from the inside.

GALERIUS . AD 305-311 . AE Follis . Genius . *Pedigreed*

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