EUBOIA, Karystos
AE18. 3.76g, 18.2mm
MINTED: EUBOIA, Karystos, circa 3rd - 2nd century BC
REF: SNG Copenhagen 421; BCD Euboia 586
OBVERSE: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin headdress.

REVERSE: Neck and filleted bull's head turned and facing; KA above, in right field M, A, K, T monogram.



Ex BCD Collection; ex Joseph J. Copeland Collection (Part II, Coin Galleries, 10 February 1993)


Almost Very Fine. Dark green patina.

A rare bronze of this city.


Historical Notes:

Karystos was a small town on the southern coast of Euoboia that stood at the foot of Mount Oche.  It was famous for its quarries, where was mined a beautiful greenish marble streaked with gray and white that was much in demand, particularly by the Romans.

EUBOIA, Karystos . 3rd-2nd century BC . AE18 . Ex BCD/Copeland . **Rare**

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