AD 284-305
Potin Tetradrachm. 7.22g, 20.4mm
MINTED: EGYPT, Alexandria, dated RY 7 (AD 290/1)
REF: Emmett 4089.7; Köln 3252; Dattari 5779; Milne 4968
OBVERSE: ΔIOKΛHTI-ANOC CEB, laureate head right.

REVERSE: Zeus seated left, with sceptre, patera and eagle; L-Z in field.


Almost Very Fine. Green and red patina with some hard encrustations.


Historical Notes:

Egypt supplied as much as half of Rome’s annual grain supply, and was as such a hugely important province. Its economic and cultural heart was Alexandria, the second largest city in the Empire with a population of more than half a million during the time of Augustus. The coins of Roman Egypt were heavily used in daily commerce, and most often found in extremely worn condition. They are nevertheless highly collectible and interesting, sometimes featuring unique Egyptian-themed reverses and deities.

DIOCLETIAN . EGYPT, Alexandria . Potin Tetradrachm . Zeus

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