AD 161-169

Silver Denarius. 3.54g, 17mm

MINTED: Rome mint, AD 163-164
OBVERSE: L VERVS AVG ARMENIACVS, laureate head right.

REVERSE: TR P IIII IMP II COS II, Mars standing right, holding spear and resting left hand on shield set on ground.


Good Fine.


Historical Notes:
Lucius Verus has earned a reputation as something of a playboy prince in the history books. He is said to have been preoccupied with sports, gambling and women, and when he became co-ruler of the Roman Empire alongside his adoptive brother, Marcus Aurelius, he was content to let the serious, dutiful Aurelius take charge of imperial affairs.


In AD 162, Verus was sent east to oversee the ongoing war against the Parthian Empire, and while the Romans were eventually victorious, Verus was said to have left much of the campaigning to his generals, while he lived in luxurious quarters at Antioch, gambling and keeping himself entertained with a Greek mistress.


In AD 168, Lucius and Aurelius left for the Danubian territories to campaign against the Marcomannic tribes. There, their soldiers contracted a disease that became a devastating plague when they returned to Rome. Verus himself fell victim to it and died in AD 169.

LUCIUS VERUS . AD 161-169 . Denarius . "Mars, God of War"

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