AD 337-350

AE2. 6.15g, 23.6mm

MINTED: Trier mint, AD 346-350
REF: RIC VIII Trier 243
OBVERSE: DN CONSTA-NS PF AVG, draped, cuirassed and diademed bust right; A behind.

REVERSE: FEL TEMP-REPARATIO, Emperor holding Victory and banner with Chi-Rho, standing in galley with Victory at rudder; A in left field, TRS in exergue.


Fine. Some scratches, irregular flan.


Historical Notes:

Constans was the youngest son of Constantine the Great. On Constantine's death, the empire was divided between his three surviving sons, with Constans receiving Italy and Africa.  He soon came into conflict with his elder brother Constantine II, and in 340 AD, the latter was killed in battle against Constans's forces.  Constans then inherited his brother's territories of Hispania, Britannia and Gaul.  He ruled with his surviving brother Constantius until AD 350, when, having made himself universally hated by his army, he was overthrown by the usurper Magnentius, a commander of the Imperial Guards.  While fleeing to Hispania, Constans was caught and executed in a small fort in southwestern Gaul. 

CONSTANS . AD 337-350 . AE2 . "Emperor in Galley"

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