CELTS, Eastern Europe

AR Tetradrachm. 13.38g, 25.2mm
MINTED: Kapostal Type, circa 2nd-1st century BC
REF: Göbl, OTA pl. 39, 484/2 var.; Kent/Mays, BMC I pl. 22. S94 var.; Lanz 771 (this coin)
OBVERSE: Celticised, laureate and bearded head of Zeus to right.

REVERSE: Stylised rider wearing crested helmet on horseback to left; crescent before, pellet below.



Lightly toned with hints of iridescence.  



Ex Hermann Lanz Collection; published in M. Kostial, Kelten im Osten - Gold und Silber der Kelten in Mittel- und Osteuropa - Sammlung Lanz (Staatlichen Münzsammlung München, 1997).


Historical Notes:

The 'Kapostal' type of tetradrachms were struck during the 2nd - 1st centuries BC by Danubian Celts in Eastern Europe for regional trade and commerce.  This type, like others, copy the silver tetradrachms of Philip II of Macedon, which feature a laureate head of Zeus on the obverse and a horse rider on the reverse.   The heavily stylized and sometimes wonderfully abstract depictions are typical of these interesting, imitative issues. 

CELTS, Eastern Europe . AR Tetradrachm. Kapostal Type . *Pedigreed & Published*

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