CARIA, Satraps of

Hekatomnos, 395-377 BC

AR Hemiobol. 0.26g, 6.7mm
MINTED: Mylasa mint, circa 392/1-377/6 BC
REF: Cf. CNG 78 (2008), 824 (realized USD 465), otherwise unpublished
OBVERSE: Youthful male head (of Apollo or Hekatomnos) right.

REVERSE: Head of bull left; E behind.



Ex Auctiones GmbH Auction 14 (17 Mar 2013), Lot 32


Fine. Surface roughness.

Extremely rare type, apparently unpublished in the standard references. A tiny and interesting coin.


Historical Notes:

Hekatomnos of Mylasa was the satrap (governor) of Caria under the Persian king Artaxerxes II (404-358 BC).  He was the first satrap of the Caria, and also the first non-Persian to be honoured with that title.  His mausoleum, discovered in the 17th century at Milas in the Mugla Province in southwestern Turkey, is today designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

CARIA, Satraps of . Hekatomnos, 395-377 BC . AR Hemiobol . *Rare & Unpublished*

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