CARIA, Mylasa

AE18. 4.09g, 17.9mm
MINTED: CARIA, Mylasa, struck under Eupolemos, strategos for Kassander, circa 314 BC
REF: SNG Copenhagen (Macedonia) 1168-9
OBVERSE: Three overlapping shields, with spearheads on bosses.

REVERSE: EYΠO / ΛEMOY, Sword in sheath; monogram to left.



Dark green patina with some roughness and earthen deposits. 

An interesting historic piece dating to the wars between Alexander the Great's successors. 


Historical Notes:

Eupolemos was a general serving Kassander who, in 314 BC, was sent to occupy Caria in Asia Minor.  There, he struck these issues bearing his own name in his authority as strategos.  In 313 BC, Eupolemos was ordered to move against Ptolemy, nephew of the diadochos Antigonos the One-eyed, who had arrived in Caria to contest the region.  Instead, Eupolemos was taken by surprised and his entire force was captured by Ptolemy.  At some point, Eupolemos was freed, and Kassander later deployed him again in Greece. 

CARIA, Mylasa . Eupolemos as Strategos for Kassander . 315-311 BC . AE18

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