CARIA, Idyma

AR Drachm. 3.72g, 15.2mm
MINTED: CARIA, Idyma, circa late 5th - early 4th century BC
REF: SNG Keckman 60; SNG Copenhagen 419
OBVERSE: Facing horned head of Pan.

REVERSE: Fig-leaf in incuse square.



Ex Frank James Collection



Nearly Fine.  Rare


Historical Notes:

The earliest reference to the Carian township of Idyma comes from the mid-5th century BC, when it was mentioned on the tax list of cities under the Delian League of Athens.  The settlement was located a little inland from what is now the Gulf of Gökova (in present day Turkey), and as evidenced on their coinage, the cult of Pan, the sylvan god of shepherds, was of particular importance to the Idymians.

CARIA, Idyma . 5th-4th century BC . AR Drachm . Horned head of Pan . **Rare**

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