AD 198-217
AE23. 5.86g, 22.8mm
MINTED: MACEDON, Stobi, circa AD 198-217
REF: Varbanov 4073 var. (obv legend)
OBVERSE: M AVREL ANTONIN, laureate head right.

REVERSE: MVNICIP STOBENS, Victory advancing right, holding palm frond and wreath.



Ex Roma E-Auction 20 (29 Aug 2015), lot 448



Fine. Very dark greenish brown patina.


Historical Notes:

Stobi was a Paionian settlement which came under Macedonian rule when King Philip V conquered the region in 217 BC.  When the Macedonian Kingdom fell to the Romans in 168 BC, all of its territories were incorporated into the Roman Province of Macedon.  Stobi thrived under Roman rule, and in 69 BC was officially designated a municipium (town). It went into decline in the late 5th century, after it was pillaged by the Ostrogoths under King Theoderic.

CARACALLA . MACEDON, Stobi . AE23 . Victory . Ex Roma Numismatics

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