Michael VII Ducas, AD 1071-1079

AE Follis. 6.79g, 27.8mm
MINTED: Constantinople mint, circa AD 1071-1079
REF: Sear Byzantine 1878
OBVERSE: IC – XC, bearded bust of Christ facing, cross behind head, wearing tunic and himation, holding book in his left hand.

REVERSE: +MIXAH RACI , facing bust of Michael, wearing loros and crown with pendilia, holding globe cruciger on his left hand, labarum with his right hand.





Historical Notes:

Michael Ducas's fraught reign saw rebellions in the Balkans, threats from the Bulgarians, and the loss of the Empire's territories in Anatolia and Italy.  At home, the economy was slipped into chaos, forcing him to devalue the empire's currency by a quarter.  Rapidly losing his popularity, Michael desperately sought help from the Turks to keep his throne, but failed, and he was deposed by Nicephorus Botaniates in 1078.  The disgraced former emperor was allowed to take monastic vows, and he died peacefully twelve years later, in 1090. 

BYZANTINE EMPIRE . Michael VII Ducas, AD 1071-1079 . AE Follis . Constantinople

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