Manuel I Comnenus, AD 1143-1180

AE Tetarteron. 3.98g, 22.2mm
MINTED: Thessalonica mint, AD 1152-1160
REF: Sear Byzantine 1975
OBVERSE: ΘΓΕ—ωΠO, half-length, nimbate bust of St. George facing, holding lance and shield.

REVERSE: MANooHΛ ΔΕCΠ, crowned half-length bust of Manuel facing, holding labarum and globus cruciger.



Almost Very Fine. Deep green-black patina.


Historical Notes:

Manuel I was an ambitious emperor who sought to restore the glory of the Comnenian dynasty and the Empire.  He proved to be a masterful diplomat throughout his 37 years on the throne, forging a friendship with Conrad III of Germany and allying himself with the Pope against Frederick I of the Western Roman Empire.  Though he was able to forestall the decline of Byzantine military power somewhat, he had to increasingly rely on mercenaries for his campaigns, and after his death, the Byzantine Empire continued its long, slow decline. 

BYZANTINE EMPIRE . Manuel I Comnenus, AD 1143-1180 . AE Tetarteron . St. George

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