Justin II & Sophia, AD 565-578

AE Half-Follis. 7.19g, 24.7mm
MINTED: Constantinople mint, RY 4 (AD 568/569)
REF: Sear Byzantine 361
OBVERSE: D N IVSTINVS P P AVG, Justin and Sophia enthroned facing, both nimbate and crowned.

REVERSE: Large K, ANNO to left, cross above, II/II (regnal year) to right, officina letter below.



Good Fine.  Only lightly cleaned, with much of the original earthen cover and deposits still remaining. Well-centered, with clear enough details.


Historical Notes:

Justin II, nephew of Justinian the Great, inherited from his uncle an empire that had increased greatly in size, but was economically close to bankruptcy.  The stresses of rule, the decline of the empire, and his inability to match the achievements of his uncle eventually caused Justin to go insane.  For the last five years of his life, the affairs of state were managed by his wife Sophia and the commander of the imperial guard, Tiberius.  Justin spent his remaining days confined to the palace, where he frequently tried to bite his caretakers and had to be placated by organ music played continuously day and night. 


BYZANTINE EMPIRE . Justin II & Sophia, AD 565-578 . AE Half-Follis

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