Anonymous Class C

Time of Michael IV the Paphlagonian, AD 1034-1041

AE Follis. 11.68g, 29.9mm
MINTED: Constantinople mint, circa AD 1034-1041
REF: Sear Byzantine 1825
OBVERSE: ЄmmANOVHA, IC-XC, three-quarter length figure of Christ standing facing, wearing nimbus crown, pallium, and colobium, and raising right hand in benediction; in left hand, he holds the book of Gospels.

REVERSE: IX-XC/NI-KA, jewelled cross with pellets at each extremity.



Fine/Almost Very Fine.  Typical messy doublestrike.


BYZANTINE EMPIRE . Anonymous Class C (Michael IV, AD 1034-1041) . AE Follis

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