Anonymous Class B

Time of Romanus III, AD 1028-1034

AE Follis. 10.30g, 30.8mm
MINTED: Constantinople mint, circa AD 1028-1034
REF: Sear Byzantine 1823
OBVERSE: +EMMANOVHΛ Bust of Christ facing, wearing nimbus cruciger with five pellets in each limb of cross, pallium and colobium, and holding book of Gospels with the cover ornamented with two central pellets in border of dots; in field, IC - XC.

REVERSE: + IS - XS / ЬAS - ILЄ / ЬAS - ILЄ in three lines divided by cross set on three steps.



Almost Very Fine. 


BYZANTINE EMPIRE . Anonymous Class B (Romanus III, AD 1028-1034) . AE Follis

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