ARKADIA, Arkadian League
AE18. 4.88g, 17.8mm
MINTED: ARKADIAN LEAGUE, Megalopolis mint, circa 340-275 BC
REF: SNG Cop 202; BCD 1535; BMC 64
OBVERSE: Horned head of Pan right.

REVERSE: Large AR monogram of solid form; syrinx below.



Ex BCD Collection; ex Joseph J. Copeland Collection


Fair/Very Good. Dark green patina.

Scarce bronze coinage of the League.  The syrinx was the instrument and symbol of Pan, the Greek god of the wilds, whose cult was especially strong in Arkadia.


Historical Notes:

The Arkadian League was a federation of city-states in the central Peloponnese founded in 370 BC during a period of Spartan decline in the region.  The capital of the League was the newly-founded city of Megalopolis, which boasted large temples, schools and a 20,000-seat Theatre.  Though member-states were supposed to cede much of their autonomy to the League's governing body, it wasn't long before divided interests led to some cities within the League taking opposing sides in the conflict between Thebes and Sparta that culminated in the Battle of Mantinea (362 BC).

ARKADIA, Arkadian League . 340-275 BC . AE18 . Scarce . Ex BCD & Copeland

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