Pseudo-autonomous Issue

AE15. 2.96g, 14.8mm
MINTED: AEOLIS, Elaia, circa 27 BC – AD 14 (time of Augustus). Sokrates, magistrate
REF: RPC I 2410; BMC 29
OBVERSE: E-ΠI / Σ-Ω/K-PA/T-OY, Head of Demeter (or Persephone) right, wearing corn-wreath.

REVERSE: E-ΛAI/T-ΩN, Torch; all within corn-wreath.



Almost Very Fine. Brassy-brown surfaces. 

Rare Variety with magistrate named


Historical Notes:

Although the exact location of the ancient town of Elaia has been subject to some debate, according to Strabo, it was located south of the river Caicus, and served as a port for travellers journeying to Pergamon.  A location tradition held that the town was founded by Menestheus, the legendary ruler of Athens during the Trojan War, who had exiled the hero Greek Theseus from the city after his return from the Underworld. 

AEOLIS, Elaia . Circa 27 BC - AD 14. AE15 . Demeter / Torch *Rare Variety*

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