AD 350

AE3. 1.85g, 19.1mm
MINTED: Thessalonica mint, AD 350
REF: RIC VIII Thessalonica 138 (rare)
OBVERSE: DN VETRAN-IO PF AVG, diademed bust right.
REVERSE: VIRTVS-EXERCITVM, emperor in military dress standing facing, head left, holding standard with Chi-Rho on banner, and resting left on shield; TES[A-Є] in exergue.

Good Fine.  Dark gray patina; struck on an oval flan.


Historical Notes:
When Emperor Constans was overthrown and killed by the usurper Magnentius in 350, his sister Constantia sought the protection of the magister militum Vetranio, requesting that he declare himself Caesar and ally himself with her remaining brother, Constantius II. Constantius II would himself send Vetranio a diadem, recognising him as co-emperor and entrusting him with the task of containing Magnentius. When Vetranio proved unable to defeat the usurper, Constantius had him bring his army to meet his own, and on 25 December 350, before their combined troops he delivered a speech relieving Vetranio of the emperorship. Vetranio was then given a pension and allowed to live in retirement at Prusa in Bithynia until his death some years later.

VETRANIO . AD 350 . AE3 . "Emperor standing with Standard" . Thessalonica

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