TROAS, Birytis

AE12. 1.32g, 11.9mm
MINTED: TROAS, Birytis, circa 350-250 BC
REF: SNG Cop 250; BMC 5
OBVERSE: Head of pileus-wearing bearded Kabeiros left.

REVERSE: B-I/P-Y in fields at sides of club, all within laurel wreath.



Almost Very Fine. Earthen fill attractively highlighting devices.


Historical Notes:

Troas, or the Troad (now Biga Peninsula in modern day Turkey), was a region in ancient northwestern Anatolia bound by the Dardanelles and the Aegean Sea, and cut off from the rest of Anatolia by Mount Ida. The site of ancient Birytis, a city in Troas, remains unlocated.  It may have stood south of Troy, or near Kebren. 

TROAS, Birytis . 350-250 BC . AE12 . Kabeiros, chthonic dwarf-god

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