AD 244-249
AE24. 7.9g, 23.7mm
MINTED: PISIDIA, Antioch, circa AD 249-251
REF: SNG BN 1287; Krzyzanowska I/4
OBVERSE: IMP CAES C MESS Q DECIO TRAIA AV, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right.

REVERSE: ANTIOC-HIO CLO, vexillum topped by legionary eagle between two standards; SR in exergue.


Very Fine.  Dark blackish-green patina. 

The letters S R on the reverse of provincial bronzes of Pisidian Antioch stand for socia Romanorum ("ally of the Romans"), a title the city held in addition to its status as a colony.


Historical Notes:

Pisidian Antioch was a Galatian city in southwestern Anatolia (in present day Turkey).  Similar to Rome, the city was spread over seven small hills.  It was accorded the status of a Roman colony in 25 BC under Augustus, and was also honoured with the name Colonia Caesarea.  In AD 48, St. Paul travelled to Pisidian Antioch during his first missionary journey, where his sermonizing at a Jewish synagogue proved controversial enough to result in his expulsion from the city.

TRAJAN DECIUS . PISIDIA, Antioch . AE24 . Vexillum and standards

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