AD 98-117
AR Drachm. 2.85g, 19.2mm
MINTED: ARABIA PETRAEA, Bostra, RY 16, Cos. 6 (AD 112)

REF: SNG ANS 1155; Sydenham 184 (Caesarea)
OBVERSE: AΥTOKΡ KAIC NEP TPAIAN CEB ΓEΡM ΔAK, laureate bust right, slight drapery on left shoulder.

REVERSE: ΔHMAPX EΞ UΠATς, Arabia standing left holding branch and bundle of cinnamon sticks; at feet, camel.



Almost Fine. Some porosity and earthen deposits.

Interesting and historical type.


Historical Notes:

When the last Nabataean king Rabbel II died in AD 106, Emperor Trajan sent the Legio III Cyrenaica to occupy the royal capital of Petra, and incorporated the territories of the kingdom into the province of Arabia Petraea.  Bostra (in present day Syria), an important Nabataean city situated on the lucrative ancient spice trading route, became the capital of the province, with the Legio VI Ferrata stationed there.  The city continued to flourish under Roman rule, and among the structures built were a monumental arch of black basalt, a Roman theatre, public baths, and a large residence known as Trajan's Palace.  During the early 3rd century, the city was conferred the status of a Roman colony, but around AD 271, it was sacked by the armies of Queen Zenobia's breakaway Palmyrene Empire.

TRAJAN . ARABIA PETRAEA, Bostra . AR Drachm . Arabia with Camel

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