AD 98-117

Silver Denarius. 3.24g, 18.5mm

MINTED: Rome mint, AD 107-108
REF: RIC 147a; Woytek 269b-2; BMCRE 355-6; RSC 99
OBVERSE: IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P P, laureate bust right, slight drapery on shoulder.

REVERSE: COS V P P S P Q R OPTIMO PRINC, trophy of shields and arms.


Good Fine. Bright, clean metal. Very Rare variety.


Historical Notes:

Trajan was the second of the "Five Good Emperors" who ruled the Rome during the 2nd century AD. He was an excellent military commander, expanding the frontiers of the Roman Empire to its greatest extent - annexing the Nabataean kingdom, conquering the Dacians in a great war, and finally, temporarily reducing the Parthian Empire to a client state of Rome by defeating and deposing its ruler, Osroes I. Trajan was also known for his philanthropy and social programs within the empire, and his numerous public buildings and constructions (Trajan's Forum, Trajan's Market, the Aqua Traiana). The Roman Senate declared him optimus princeps ("the best of rulers"), a title borne on many of his coins. He died after a reign of 19 years, and was deified by the Senate. Historians regard him as one of Rome's greatest rulers.

TRAJAN . AD 98-117 . Denarius . "Trophy of Arms" . Very Rare

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