TITUS & DOMITIAN, as Caesars
AD 69-79

AE24. 4.72g, 24.3mm

MINTED: MACEDONIA, Amphipolis, circa AD 69-79

REF: RPC II 338; Varbanov 3160
OBVERSE: TITOC KAI ΔOMITIANOC KAIC, Titus and Domitian wearing military attire, standing facing each other, holding raised torch, together, with their right hand.
REVERSE: AMΦIΠΟ-ΛΙΤΩΝ, Artemis Tauropolos with inflated veil, ridding on bull galloping right.


Somewhat irregular flan with surface roughness. 

A rare and interesting type with no imperial busts on the obverse, but instead, showing full figures of Titus and Domitian.  

Artemis Tauropolos, on the reverse, was an aspect of Artemis associated with bull-handling.  She was one of the chief deities venerated at Amphipolis, where she had an important sanctuary.


Historical Notes:

Amphipolis was originally an Athenian settlement founded in the 5th century on the coastal borders of Thrace. Its strategic importance as a gateway to the rich resources that lay in Thrace was such that for a century after its establishment, the Spartans would constantly attempt to conquer it. In 357 BC, King Philip II brought it within the sphere of control of the Macedonian Kingdom, and during the reign of Alexander the Great (336-323 BC), a lavish amount was spent building temples in the city, and it was later also used by Alexander as his main base of preparation before his invasion of Asia.


During the Roman period, Amphipolis retained its importance as the capital of the First Meris, one of four republics that were the Macedonian Kingdom was divided into by the Romans after they had conquered it in 168 BC. Amphipolis was one of the cities in Macedonia visited by the apostle St. Paul on his second missionary journey (49-52 BC), when he sailed from Troas in Asia Minor to Macedonia, before travelling on to Athens and Corinth.

TITUS & DOMITIAN . MACEDONIA, Amphipolis . AE24 . Bull-riding Artemis *Rare*

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