AD 14 - 37
AE27. 13.55g, 27.1mm
MINTED: SPAIN, Turiaso. L. Caecilius Aquin. & M. Gels Palud, duoviri

REF: Burgos 1948; RPC I 419
OBVERSE: TI CAESAR AVG F IMP PONT M, laureate head right; c/m: incuse head of legionary eagle right.

REVERSE: L CAEC AQVIN M CEL PALVD II VIR / MVN TVR, Bull standing right, head facing.



Ex Prof. Dr. J.W. van der Dussen Collection



Almost Fine. Large Spanish provincial with interesting legionary eagle countermark. Many cities in provincial Spain were settled by veterans of Roman legions who had fought under Octavian, the future emperor Augustus.


Historical Notes:

During the time of Augustus, Spain was divided into three provinces - Hispania Baetica in the south, Hispania Lusitania in the west, and Hispania Tarraconesis which occupied much of central, northern and eastern Spain.  Turiaso was a prosperous and thriving colony located in Hispania Tarraconesis (in modern day Zaragoza Province of Spain).

TIBERIUS . SPAIN, Turiaso . AE27 . Bull, Legionary Eagle countermark

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